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For those of you who want to know what happened to Cumberland… read here.


Cumberland will never be the same, will never look the same.  It is lost and gone forever.

From the post, this is the most legit reason why Cumberland closed…written by a former resident.

The Storm of Wednesday  was brewing long before the land hit of the day.   What people want to believe is what they are fed and not the ability to be a free thinker.  Yes Cumberland is open  Haraah  harahh… however, for how long?  It saddens me to see the efforts of good people putting their trust  and Lindens into a community with blind trust at this point being misinformed, misled and overall taken advantage of by a woman with low scruples and morals.  The land mass of virtual world known as Cumberland has survived many landfalls and pit falls over the years.  It was the perseverance and love of the woman  now all that remain in the  tattered lands wish to point a finger at as the reason they are standing among  33 sims of disaster.

This is not an attack, merely information for people to open their eyes then make an informed decision of their efforts. Let’s review the news of the Hurricane shall we?  The lands of Cumberland were built and rebuilt  by a woman named Alexis Moore.  Not once but three times over when similar misconduct brought the community nearly to it’s knees.  This time however,  a small group of people including and led by the now named ” owner”  of the lands logged onto Moore’s account, changed the password, kicked her from her own sims by banning her and then announced she was no longer needed  nor wanted.  Now call me old fashioned, call me a hick, but that there is stealing.  I have to ask,  if that had been my account and someone  logged on and took my ability  to my land, my prims  and my belongings what would I call it?  Stealing.  It matters not if someone was happy with her management,  or her long term plans, nope, what matters is that her account was compromised, sims stolen   and told to leave.  After Linden labs investigated it was found indeed  that  things were righted and Alexis returned to the sim.  She did exactly as she was asked after coming to the conclusion that Cumberland will forever be compromised by reputation and  the trust for the people she explicitly gave too much power to, would forever be lurking behind the safety of their screens to continue to be unscrupulous and dodgy  Moore’s largest mistake here was after an eight year friendship trusting  Gassner as a person with high moral fiber.  The residents look around seeing their community demolished and continue  to  harp on the fact it was Moore that accomplished this  with griefing and harassment.  No, the woman logged back onto  her very own land she managed and removed only her prims. You can not grief your own property.  A sim is like a home, we are invited guests until asked to leave as ultimately although virtual, it is still their property.  The state of the  sims would tell anyone  who exactly built the community as she took it with her upon her demanded exit.  She took no more than what prims belonged to her yet, people choose to believe the only information they are fed.  If the people were free thinkers they would realize. Something isn’t right here.  All the prims are gone, there was no roll back to restore them, why is that?  Well because those prims and the woman that created the community everyone is so vibrantly fighting for was stabbed in the back by the very team she trusted to aid in running  33 sims.  Tiers on 33 sims would make a sim a day due in funds.  So there are fund raisers,  more lindens  asked to be given over to Gassner to maintain and  push to hold her fingers into the community.  Will there be a fund raiser a day to pay the tiers on each sim?  Gassner took on all financial responsibility the moment she locked the woman out that was paying daily for those sims.  People are crying out for refunds, those now fall on the woman that took ownership of a once vibrant and stable business.  Hurricane Alexis?  No, I’d have to call the BS card and say Hurricane Traci.

It is true nobody wants to leave a lands that years of friendships, family and general peace has been foundation, but at what cost ?  For people not to even question  and to buy into  this indeed was the work of one woman, shows how little thought anyone is putting in  and running on emotion of their community being destroyed.  So be it, it was destroyed but not by the person that everyone is using as an escape goat.   Alexis could have  very well  logged back on, banned out the cancer element, put the sims back into her name and gone on.  That would have been the logical course of action, however by the time Linden Labs sorted what Traci Gassner had done, the residents were up in arms  buying  what was being told to them.  Why would anyone return to the  long days  every day  for hours and hours to  push forward for a mob of angry residents that began the band wagon before they had the fact?.  So she did the very next logical thing,  she logged on, took what was hers and left.  Look around Cumberland, the elements and things Alexis put in with her hard work are done.   So rebuild all you want, let everyone put prims down to make  a virtual melting pot, but the true Cumberland left when the woman that built it was banished from her own lands and told she was no longer needed.

Now one word of advice for those of you that are free thinkers and  wish to discuss this openly DON’T DO IT if you are planning on staying.  Why do I say this?  Anyone with a different view of what is being spoonfed will be banished as well.   Do not look behind the green curtain as  you will be exited  without a word or explanation from the lands that you yourself have put in time, energy, relationships and have  NO right to question what is really going on.  These sims were stolen. The community died the day Gassner went and decided to push someone out that was the master mind and driving force of the true community.   The community continues to push on and  rebuild and  work to salvage what they can.  For that I applaud your efforts,  but do not be misinformed in  your effots.  If Gassner would only admit that she indeed logged onto Moore’s account, locked her out and banished her telling her to leave, I would have  more respect for her.  I would hope if anything  at all the comments in your communication system on that sim system would stop being cyber bulling.  All I have stated here, happened.  What is being said in group chats are nothing more than slams, speculations, and remarks showing the heartlessness of a mass of people trying to make sense of a situation they do not  know, or want to know the true story behind.   Not more than a week ago, Alexis Moore was revered as the owner and the caretaker of 33 sims to give one of THE very best communities in second life.  Ironically Cumberland just won an award.  Today, there are comments  flying about as if she never accomplished giving  every person in Cumberland a virtual experience worth logging on for.  All in a week things changed that much without question?  Be a free thinker and take the blinders off.

If your account was compromised, what would that be like?  What would you do?  would you stand back and say it’s fine?  Doubtful.  What if you were asked to leave a community, would you leave your belongings behind  and think, well others can use them, that is fine?  Doubtful, so give the same respect to Moore for gathering her things  and going  quietly, giving the sims over to the woman that  dipped as low as you can go in Second Life to obtain them.  Stop calling it Hurricane Alexis when indeed NONE of this would be happening if Traci had not gone behind her back with a handful of her friends and family to banish  and  attempt to remove the true owner.  Good luck Cumberland, for the people and residents that are not wanting to see their community lost, I wish you the best, as for the New regime, shame on you for being able to sleep at night,  not one of you has the moral fiber I’d give another Linden to.  Stealing is Stealing  no matter how rosy you paint the picture.  If you were so unhappy  new management team, why didn’t you just leave and let Cumberland go on  as the Community it was?

Saddened Citizen of the past